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11 to report that her daughter was with Radtke, according to the Sheriff's Office statement.

She told investigators she saw Carter smoking on the deck of the house.

"After sitting in this fashion for several minutes Radtke stated that the revolver became uncomfortable and he grabbed it to adjust it on his hip when it unexpectedly fired," Pavlovich told the court.

"He stated that immediately after hearing the shot he looked at the revolver, set it down on the floor and then looked at Carter and realized that she had been shot." Assisted by another man, Radtke rushed Carter to Enumclaw Regional Hospital.

Further examination of the gun showed it would only have fired if the hammer was fully cocked and the trigger was depressed completely, Pavlovich told the court.

A light brush of the trigger would not have caused it to fire.

They have a difficult time obeying authority and will act out in retaliation to anyone who tries to tell them what to do.

Radtke and another man living in the home took Carter to Enumclaw Community Hospital by truck, but the girl had died by the time they arrived at p.m.

The girl's mother, Christy Doll, called 911 earlier on Dec.

They began dating weeks later; she moved in with him when she ran away from home.

Writing the court, Pavlovich also said Radtke was able to give a detailed description of the revolver, which had been modified to have a "hair trigger." "You could blow on the trigger and it would go off," Radtke allegedly told the detective.

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