Unmonitored chat dating pros and cons

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It's one of the most X-rated apps Channel 3 Eyewitness News has ever seen, and it's something more and more young people are using to chat with strangers.

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Additionally, teens might be using this app to hide conversations from their parents.

It does however display the area you are posting from and also allows the user to search for others posting near you. Problem: The anonymous nature of this app makes it ripe for cyberbullying.

A user can post a picture of a fellow student and overlay derogatory text anonymously, a common tactic used by cyberbullies.

Although the app appears to be an adult only social network, Tinder is trying to entice younger people to use it.

13-17 year-olds are now represent over 7 percent of the users on Tinder. Tinder makes it easy for your child to meet a complete stranger, possibly an adult, within walking distance. There are already several reports of women alleging they were raped after meeting a stranger on Tinder.

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